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The illustration of Jorge was drawn in 1 hour!Jorge Lorenzo


The illustration of Jorge was drawn in 1 hour!
Jorge Lorenzo

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*looks in the mirror*

what the fuck is that

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"I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do."
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Anonymous asked: Jorge is such a sore loser and such a horrible winner! I'd like him more if he couldn't talk...











I don’t think he is really. He likes a grumble when he feels hard done by, but don’t we all?

Compared to younger Jorge, who wanted to aggressively take on the world and everyone in it, he’s doing very well. His quest for self improvement has worked in that regard.

Plus you’ve gotta have a bit of respect for someone who has tried so hard to make themselves a better person. If I were him I’d be really tempted to just leave all my personality faults be and blame them on being brought up that way like he was, but it takes guts to own up to your problems and make an effort to change. The guy isn’t perfect, but who is?

Until these haters will go through what Jorge went last year at Assen, racing after 35 hours since his collarbone operation, FINISHING 5TH and having the first half of the year messed up in every life aspects, then those haters should talk. And that is NEVER! He’s strong, hard-working and wants great results. So what’s so wrong in wanting to be the best? He and many riders said they don’t have in mind to finish 2nd, 3rd and so on. They want the win!  Plus, he really really deserves a win, faster, since all the problems he had and keeping his head up. And i like when he speaks his mind and gets angry. He’s so sexy then! Don’t hate the player, stupid anon, hate the game!

Besides all the things said about Jorge here already: He simply isn’t. And wasn’t yesterday. In the German post-race interview with Alex Hoffmann, he barely criticized Marc at all despite the fact that German commentators sided with HIM and criticized Marc heavily. So… he can be a pretty great loser (if you call second place loser anyway).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…If you think Jorge Lorenzo is a sore loser, you should re-write the Bible because you must be a fucking saint. <3 What Lorenzo doesn’t like is people who win unfairly. And obviously, that opinion is different to the one of the guy who beat him on the day.

I think he’d be more worried if everyone loved him, because honesty can be divisive.

Ok, I wasn’t a big fan of Jorge Lorenzo in his early days in 250cc and MotoGp. But you know what happened? He tried to change, he is a better person now. I hated him, really, but know, I can’t. And you know why? I like people like him, that try everything to be a better person. He did it! I will never be a big fan, but you have to be honest and appriciate what he did and he is trying to do.

^This! That’s exactly how I felt and feel about him now. He is always trying to be a better person, he’s worked hard on improving himself. I think that should be applauded.

Hear hear.


To add to this, I spoke to silver-haired beauty Matt Roberts about Jorge a few years ago when I was doing a project at uni and he said, and I quote:

“In private he’s actually very humble and he’s very shy and he’s a very nice person to talk to. He’s always very interested in you; he always asks questions about you, he’s not the type of person to be talking about himself. Basically this kind of arrogant, show-off attitude that he’s got is not really him at all.”

Kid was a diamond in the rough, he just needed a bit of polishing that’s all.

This above, what Matt Roberts said: PERFECT!!

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boobby  Agree, he should choose a nice girl, and not a bitchy-gold digger. But it&#8217;s not easy for him to find the right one, with his fame and money.. I can&#8217;t wait to see him with his little ones one day ^_^

boobby  Agree, he should choose a nice girl, and not a bitchy-gold digger. But it’s not easy for him to find the right one, with his fame and money.. I can’t wait to see him with his little ones one day ^_^

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English is not my native language.

So everytime I type something wrong or use the wrong word or the wrong tempus or grammar etc. I always get paranoid that someone who has english as their native language, will read what I wrote and spot all the mistakes I made and think, “Is she stupid or something?” or “Daamn, her english is horrible, I am never going to speak to her”.

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money for concert tickets

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If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, he doesn’t care about you.


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"Overthinking kills you."
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